A Call to Justice

We, the undersigned, believe that it is the innate desire and right of all Filipinos to live in a peaceful society that respects what is true, protected by a transparent justice system.

Federico “Rico” Delgado was murdered on March 11, 2007. Despite strong evidence to the contrary, Louie Gonzalez has been accused of the murder.

This site has been created to call attention to the injustice being committed. Thru this site we wish to accomplish three things:

One, to bring justice to Rico Delgado by providing a venue where his real murderer(s) may be exposed.

Two, to stop the oppression against the children of Vicky Quirino Gonzalez, in particular, to Louie Gonzalez and his sister, Ruby Gonzalez Meyer. Separately, a complaint of robbery has been filed against Ruby.

Three, to preserve the memory and the good name of the late Vicky Quirino Gonzalez Delgado and her husband Don Paco Delgado.

Many Filipinos suffer today because of the corruption in our justice system. These Filipinos neither have the resources nor the wile to protect themselves. Hopefully this site will give courage for us to openly fight this cancer in our society.

The travesty of justice such as that being perpetrated against Louie Gonzalez is a threat to all Filipinos. It could happen to any of us. If you wish to give your support, please click the link below.

We cannot let this injustice happen.


June 18, 2007

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Court frees Gonzales (Hector Lawas, Journal Online, October 7, 2009 5:42 PM)

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Prayer for the Murder Case
WE, FRIENDS, have put together, from freely obtained information, a timeline of events, opinions expressed by respected writers, news clippings, photos, testimonials, and public documents, for all to see what transpired from the untimely death of Vicky Quirino Gonzalez Delgado to the violent death of Rico Delgado to the present. This site was neither solicited by nor paid for by the children of Vicky Quirino Gonzalez Delgado.

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